Smart Environments

Itís the humidity

Humidity and temperature levels affect customer moods. Customers who are comfortable are in a better mood and more likely to see their shopping experience in a positive light.

Studies show mood directly affects customersí inclination to buy, the amount of time spent in the store and their willingness to return.

Australian Marketing Journal, "The Association Between Daily Weather and Daily Shopping Patterns"

How to use it

Creating healthy buildings is not only good for the people who use them, itís good for business.

Improving a buildingís indoor air quality (IAQ) can help keep employees healthier and more productive, encourage customers to shop longer and even help control liability issues. The American Lung Association says poor IAQ is one of the most serious health threats facing us. With occupants taking in 20,000 breaths each day, itís easy to see how air quality can also have a dramatic effect on the health of your business.

Smart environments start with simple steps businesses can take to bring in more fresh air, control humidity levels and reduce the spread of mold and other allergens.